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Shenzhen Dicolor Optoelectronics Co., LTD

24-Hour Technical Support


Service Support

Service Procedure
Pre-Sale Service
■Investigation on site    ■Professional design    ■Solution confirmation
Process Service
■Assembly guidance    ■Testing on site               ■Function confirmation
After-Sale Service 
■Speedy Response      ■Timely resolve                ■Safety usage
■System usage              ■System maintenance   ■Equipment repair and maintenance

Service Details
■24 hours service hotline and online service (including consulting services, Pre-sale designing and drawing, online technical guidance) 
■Hardware trouble maintenance service. 
We provide some free accessories (such as power supply, modules, scan card etc. to shorten maintain time)
■On-site service
 Our professional engineers to assist the installation and system integration 
■Technical Training service: 
 We will provide knowledge sharing and technical know how
■Hardware Upgrading service
■Guarantee Service- Promise, enthusiasm, speedy (Free maintain service once display in guarantee time, and we only charge raw material cost if display out of guarantee time)
■Engineer technical service
■After service: periodical maintenance, visiting, opinion survey which makes improvement 
Calibration service
 With Radiance calibration equipment and we trained engineer (at cost) 
■Manual service
 We provide series useful Documentation, including:
 Installation and Maintenance Manual  
 LED Display System Connection Diagram 
 Data Wire Connection Diagram 
 Power Supply Wire Connection Diagram
 Software Guidance