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Training Content:

Shenzhen Dicolor Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. have complete training system to provide the free training for the buyer. After the systematic training, so that the buyer can operate the system skilled and be able to handle some of the basic fault. Customer training and on-site basic training is divided into two stages of training, training about 2-3 people. The company will be assigned with a mid-level titles and years of experience as a professional engineer trainers. The performance of equipment, structural principles, maintenance and management of technical and practical explanations, the buyer can master the operation of methods and techniques to ensure safe operation after the completion of the training. Dicolor is responsible for training technical personnel have a variety of contingency plans for the opening of the relevant steps, operations such as technology, to provide buyer with a detailed "training program schedule".


Basic Training:

Be carried out in the company, the main details included:

Basic knowledge of computer

Windows operation

LED Display Basic working principle

Operating procedures and management systems

Daily system maintenance and safety precautions


Local Training:

The engineer in Shenzhen Dicolor will conduct on-site the buyer and technical personnel training, teaching display system operation, maintenance and what they should do, to enable operators to master the operation of methods and techniques to ensure the safe operation of the normal after the completion of master plans for various emergency. The opening of the relevant steps, operation and other related technology.

The main content is included:

System Software Installation

Daily maintenance of displayed information

To deal with the simple software failure


To Deal With The Simple Hardware Failure

Training place at the construction site, training content together with the system installation and debugging, the system operator to participate in system installation and debugging of hardware and software.


Training Table




Reference file



First stage

Day one

Basic knowledge of computer, basic working principle of led display

Appendix I


Day one

Understanding of large-screen system

Software Manual


Day one

The understanding of programming skills and functional

Software Manual


Day one

DICOLOR operation manual

DICOLOR operation manual


Day one

DICOLOR installation manual

DICOLOR installation manual



Second stage

Day two

Repairing and maintance

DICOLOR operation manual


Day two

Debugging study

DICOLOR operation manual


Day two

Daily maintenance of the software and hardware troubleshooting

DICOLOR operation manual


Day three

Summary and assessment questions and answers to close down

Appendix II



Appendix I:

1. Computer hardware and operating system knowledge. Such as: the choice of graphics cards and motherboards, the operating system. (XP/2000).

2. Common understanding of interface. Eg: COM  DVI  VGA  PCI  RJ45.

3. System cards, power lines and signal lines and the connections Notes. eg: Power, distribution box, control distance etc.

4. Distribution box configuration and usage. Details, please see: DICOLOR Engineering Installation Guide

5. The working principle of the screen. eg: Synchronous, asynchronous, real pixels, the virtual pixel, constant current, constant voltage, the module cabinet structure.


Appendix II:

To question the contents of Appendix I.