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LED China 2012 - the global advertising industry "Oscars" annual event

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Exhibition information

Exhibition Name: LED China 2012 - the global advertising industry ’Oscars’ annual event

Start Date: 2012 -2-20   End date: 2012 -2-23

Location: Guangzhou, China • Import and Export Fair Pazhou Exhibition Hall Area B

Organizer: UBM Trust Services Ltd.

Exhibitor: Shenzhen Dicolor Ltd.

Exhibition Location NO.: G265  

Area: 15m * 9m = 135sqm (three sides open)


LED China 2012 (SIGN CHINA) "pioneered the indoor and outdoor printing, laser engraving, Exhibition Equipment, LED displays and LED lighting at the same table partition , exhibition will successfully create the most complete first one-stop sourcing platform for business for the advertising; LED China 2012 (SIGN CHINA 2012) exhibition area is expected to reach 100,000 square meters, more than 1,600 exhibitors, a total of 10 house 5 districts, is the world’s best pattern of the advertising and commerce platform.



Dicolor exhibits

Rental Screen Series: P4, P6.4, P10.66, P16 LED rental display

Curtain Screen series: P18.75 full color LED curtain display

Lighting Series: P100 Flexible pixel screen

Other Products: mobile cabinets, portable power distribution equipment



Dicolor main exhibits introduction

Rental Screen Series: The characteristics of short, small, light, thin show its advanced manufacturing processes; its unique high-resolution and high refresh rate makes it ultra-high-definition video effects. Because of high brightness of DIP technology and integrated SMD light, there will be no attenuation of play definition in 5-10 years. International advanced technology of EMC has been put into leasing products, without subject to any segment of the electromagnetic interference, can not only prevent from electromagnetic interference but also reach to a high energy-saving effect.


Curtain Screen Series: With fully sealed waterproof structure, the highest level of IP68 waterproof design, the whole inundation and lighting, make curtain display more secure, reliable and convenient. Cabinet is light, thin, with the weight of only 10Kg. It is connected by a quick-lock structure, you needn’t use any tools to install. Simple and quick installation, can be hoisted, also can be fixed installation. Cooling effect is very good: 40 ° C, lower than the peer products 10 ° C to 20 ° C.


Lighting Series: P100 flexible pixel screen is with high permeability,  85% of permeability rate and the high level of wind resistance. It decorates the building and office. Its high-grade, high technology and new showing advances the city naturally. The most important thing is the resilience, high efficiency, low power consumption and low pollution of P100 flexible pixel led screen solve a big problem for people who worry about pollution of previous lighting products.


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