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M1: New Era of Large Size Rental Led Display

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Dicolor M-series HD stage led rental screen have achieved remarkable success after being launched in 2014. M-591 has become the hottest type in the market.Recently Dicolor has released a new HD led stage screen,named M1.



Front and back view of M1 cabinet


M1 cabinet is out of traditional design,applying the new-type die-casting aluminumbigger and more lightThis time M1 has two models: M-391P3.91&M-481P4.81),cabinet size 500mm*1000mmmainly used to replace the 500mm*500mm cabinet in the marketit’s a very high cost-performance led rental product!

Dicolor M1 can be applied for shows、conferencesdisplay and demonstrationwedding foundationbusiness openingproduct promotion and other public activities occasionsand stage backgroundlighting,audio and special effects equipment leasing places.



Our M1 has the following 6 advantages:

1. Super Slim and Light,saving costs and Installation Time.

Thickness of cabinet less than 80mm,weight less than 11.5Kgaverageweight for one sqm less than 23kg.It is advanced in this industry.

2.Detachable Module Back Cover,Easy Maintenance

The module’s back cover can be detached directly,making it easy to maintain IC,capacitors and resistors.

3. Compatiblility Between Hanging Bar and Ground Bar,and Cost saving

Turn the hanging bar 90 degree,then it can be used as ground bar,which can save management and investment costs.


4. Cabinet edge protection design,improved product stability

Height of the cabinet  is higher than modules’,which can protect the edge of the modules so it can protect the mask and led lamp to improve the stability.



5. Smaller Mask,Easy Maintenance,Highly Profitable

Applied the smaller mask design,only 9 screws need to be unscrewed for LED lamp maintenance.This does not only ensure the flatness but also reduces the maintenance cost.


6. No differences Between Left and Right Modules,No Troubles Changing Modules.

Module size 500mmx250mm,no differences between left and right modules,which is easy to manage and maintain.


Besides many advantages of M-series,,M1 has many promotion and breakthroughwe start from the customer’s interest when we keep the standarzation,we are aimed at producing super slim &supler lightlabor & time savingeasy maintaining & assembling Led screens to customers.