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Human Resources Management Training for Non-Human-Resources Managers Started in Dicolor

Edit time: 2014-12-15  Editing:
In order to improve the management team's managing capability and create a excellent team based on customer's needs, Dicolor invited Shenzhen Highly Effective Consultancy Co.,Ltd to start a Human Resources Management Training for Non-Human-Resources Managers (hereinafter called Training) from November 7 to November 8 on the fifth floor of Dicolor's office building. The management of any enterprise is based on the people and is for the people, so does the survival secret for an enterprise. Shenzhen Highly Effective has been trying to satisfy customer's needs by exploring and researching people's desire for rational freedom, contract freedom, and spiritual freedom. But it has always been difficult for an enterprise to choose, identify and utilize the people. As a famous Chinese poem goes, it takes only three days to test the real gold, while it needs seven years to test a real talent. That's the reason why Dicolor, since its foundation, has always been focusing on the cultivation of talented employees. Every year, Dicolor invest more than 1% of its annual sales volume to employee training. This high costly Training is a very important step of Dicolor's all-employee human resources strategy. This two-day training covers all the high and middle level managers and managers of various domestic and international branches. The class atmosphere was tremendous because of the reunion and people's desire of new knowledge. The music and dance during the break made the atmosphere reach the highest point. We learned a lot from the two-day training, and we found out that it is highly related to the manager's capability in knowing people, selecting people, cultivating people, keeping people and even firing people. As a famous saying goes, the more you beat the iron, the harder it grows; the more people learn, the wiser people will be. Likewise, a person needs much training until he becomes a real talent. Dicolor has always applied to the principle of people, and we have always regarded the employees as the master of the company. Dicolor has done a lot of work in caring employees, providing a better career platform for the employees in order to enhance the overall development of the employees.