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Tall about the Brazil market

Edit time: 2013-05-04  Editing: Tony

 With the economic development lags behind form European, the debt crisis break out, more and more people begin to be care of the World economic development , and the continuing growth of emerging economies are on the countries all over the world, all countries to the development of the emerging markets are increasingly on the agenda. Our country is not exceptional also, as one of the four gold ingot, mutual of trade between the fast growth in the year after year. Today in the Brazilian market to come to talk about China’s LED display how the enterprise to focus on the opportunities, create beautiful tomorrow.


Why do we have to pay attention to the Brazilian market?


Brazil comprehensive strength in Latin America in the first place, economic structure close to those of developed countries, the service industry production value and employment population keep for a long time more than 50%. 1967-in 1974, Brazil’s economy grew by an average 10.1% in the creation of "Brazil miracle". In the 1980 s by the high inflation problems, stagnant or even a serious recession economy. In the 90 s, Brazil to export-oriented economic mode transition. Lula’s government on the stage, a robust economic policy, and the financial situation tend to be stable, foreign capital inflow increase, production restore growth, employment increase, economic achieve strong recovery.

Green and yellow are Brazil’s "national main color", green forest, the yellow symbol of minerals and resources. Vast land is Brazil geographical basis of human great power mentality. Brazil a vast territorial area of 8.514 million square kilometers, accounting for 47.3% of South America, ranking fifth in the world. Brazil is the world’s resources and energy power industry essential to the development of iron, manganese, nickel, Tin, uranium and other minerals yet abundant, has proven reserves of iron ore to 48 billion tonnes, and most of them are rich ore. In 2005, Brazil iron ore prices rose 71.5%, leading to rising global prices. Not only are iron, Brazil 240,000 tons of uranium reserves, ranked first in Latin America, sixth in the world. Ranks 15th in the world oil reserves, 8.2% per cent of total world oil reserves. Brazil is also developing alternative energy, development and utilization of ethanol as a motor fuel technology in an alone in the world, Brazil using alternative energy 43.8% per cent of total energy consumption. In addition, Brazil has the world’s largest tropical rain forest ¨C-more than 5 million square miles of Amazon rain forest. Because of the rain forest area, Brazil has the world’s 12% of fresh water.


What thing must be us keep a watchful eye on its in Brazil market£¿


First. Brazilian domestic economic distribution, from the economic distribution to decide the market attention, and the market proportion.

Second. Ethnic composition and distribution of population, from population distribution to understand customer’s nation culture characteristics and ethnic habits.

Third. Brazil market segments, the LED display of the major applications market, advertising and activities in the leasing, decided the marketing direction.

Fourth. Brazil LED screen import trade barriers, heavy import duties in some degree, limits the LED display import growth.