Zuhause Über Dicolor




Dicolor Kultur

To be perfect, to be Dicolor

1.Company Future Prospect:

Dicolor holds the spirit of "honesty, excellence, growing together and serving the world", to provice the best fit products and services,dedicating to be the first runner in led display field.

2.Strategic Objectives:

2.1 To be listed in stock market in 2014, total sales amount over 800 million RMB, Department Managers and Key Employees will hold parts of the company stock, will open several branch offices abroad and extend to one or two other LED applications, employees will highly identify the company culture, will be over 60% employees who have worked in the company more than three years.
2.2 In 2020, become the world leader in LED display industrial, total sales amount over 5 billion RMB, build Service Center in every Important Sales Territory, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction will be up to 99%.


Honesty and Faithful, Customer Oriented, Quality First, Keeping Improving!!

Dicolor Culture4. Management theory:

4.1 Creating the maximum value for our customers
Helping our customers saving the investment, offering perfect solution, recommending the most suitable product rather than the most expensive.
4.2 Giving respect to our staff’s pursuit
Only if our enterprise cares about every staff, thus the staff can offer the best service to customers.

5. Enterprise blueprint

Changing the bad image of the LED industry, offering the most reliable products for all the customers.

6. Enterprise target

Devoted itself to be A Global Supplier of the Best LED Solutions.

7. Enterprise objective

7.1 our enterprise grows up with the clients
The enterprise can deserve the support and upgrade himself on the condition of sincerely caring about the customers, helping the customers to enlarge their business.
7.2 our enterprise grows up with the staffs
There is no company which lacks of staffs, but only companies which lacks of the talent! Let our staffs blend into the enterprise.

8. Enterprise value concept

First of enterprise ’ sincerity
First of product quality

9. Market strategy

Create a project, and make friends around

10. Standard of staff

10.1 Company talents standard
10.2 Everyone for their ability, up or down
10.3 Moral quality first, ability second
10.4 Group cooperation first, individual dedication second
10.5 Self-study first, teach second

11. Staff sense of marketing and sales

Simple sales age past, the sense of marketing for the people in administration, production, sales and cleanness.
Do good job to think of things from the view of useful sales way, establish a well platform and skillful group together.

12. Behavior rule

12.1. fall together personal growth with social work and company service.
12.2. do good to company for things and words.
12.3. do good to group unity for things and words.